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We have a huge collection of free video game music downloads. Take a look at our classic albums and over 100 video game wallpapers. You may enjoy our top video games list. You can enjoy Naruto mp3 and Naruto wallpaper. Like our layout? You can get it as stationary.



What is the most popular music? You can name your favorite artist, composer or band. Ask a hundred people what tunes they listen most to and you'll get answers such as: Beatles, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin to those creepy American Idol singers. You probably won't get one that names video game music, though for many it's actually their most listened to music. The same few bars over and over and over.

Video game music comes in midi, wav and mp3 format, as piano sheet music and guitar tabs. It can be downloaded to your mp3 player or phone. You can find it used as a remix with youtube videos and soundtracks for homemade films. It's easy to be a composer of your own original video game music with simple midi software programs or a keyboard. There a many online (on the wild wacky world wide web) websites where you can download samples from your favorite games, like Mario Brothers, Zelda, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Some classics have been staples for video game music cover bands.

Video game music of course started out very simple on the earlier Atari, NES and nintendo systems. On Pong and Space Invaders it was more in the realm of special sound effects, but quickly became simple music tunes that enhanced the basic game play.


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