Help with downloading via an FTP server

Welcome to the ftp download tutorial for #Gamealbums @

The first thing you will need is an FTP program. I’m going to suggest using Filezilla, which can be obtained at Many would beg to differ by using this, but I find it being simple to use and to the point. It’s user-friendly, in my opinion.

When you get to the website, look to your left, and click “Download”. Then, download the most updated .exe you see, at the time of publishing, it would be Version 2.2.16.

After you have downloaded and installed Filezilla, open it up and you will notice four blank fields above: “Address”, “User”, “Password”, and “Port”. Those will be the most important parts of the program.

Here is an example of server information:
Address: 12.34.567.89
User: Most FTP servers usually ask for your IRC nickname, but others may be specific
Password: download
Port: 59
Once you have got down all the server information, click “Quickconnect”, then you should be connecting to that server.

You will notice to your left, there are two windows; the top portion allows you to choose which directory you would like your downloaded files to go to, and the bottom portion displays inside that directory you have chosen.

The very bottom window shows your file transfers and queues. Queues are files waiting in line to be downloaded, while your current transfer is downloading. You can see them all on that window.


Tips to Not Get Banned

Don’t Hammer
Hammering is repeatedly trying to connect to one’s server in a very short amount of time. Go to Edit > Settings > Connection > Under Retry Settings, and set the amount of time to at least 120 seconds.

Don’t Idle
This means you should disconnect from the server when you are finished browsing.

Don’t Leech
You shouldn’t download everything you see on the server in one session. Download an album, and let others get their fair share. Servers offer limited download slots.

Use your IRC nickname when required
FTP advertisements will usually tell you to use your IRC nickname for the login, so that they know who is downloading on their server. This is asked for because someone may come in, grab the information, and leave, or they may post it on other message boards.

Other Recommended Clients: