Help with mIRC

Welcome to the mIRC tutorial for #Gamealbums @

The first thing you will need to do is download the program, mIRC, at

Once you have downloaded and installed mIRC, launch the program, and a window will pop up. You must fill out the following blank fields: “Full Name”, (any name you wish) “Email address”, “Nickname”, (your desired nickname) and “Alternative” (another desired nickname). Once you have filled out each field, click OK.

On the status window, (ie: the window you start out on in mIRC) type the following in the bar at the bottom: “/server”. (you can try as well if you want, but they both lead to the same server. Try one or the other, if one of them doesn’t work.) After you have typed that, press the Enter key, then you will be connected to the EFnet server. You will see several lines of text, once they stop, you have connected to IRC!

Next, type “/join #gamealbums” on the status window. You will then join our IRC channel. As a side note, you may change your nickname by typing “/nick nickname”.