Album: Dracula Battle: Perfect Selection 
Original Composer: Various
Artist: Kukeiha Club
System: Numerous
Discs: 1
Tracks: 10

Now this is my kind of arrangement CD. Done in a hard rock fashion, 
this album is incredible. Itís a shame that Konami doesn't do the 
Battle series arrangements anymore, as theyíre one of my favorites. 
Each track on here rocks, and it rocks hard. 

Some of the songs on this album you may be may not have heard of before, 
as they are from rather old Castlevania games, and the CD itslef was 
released sometime in the early 90's. I will admit I had not heard the 
some of the originals until after I heard this album. And itís great 
to see that they covered as many different games as they could.

Literally every track on here is reminiscence of 80ís style rock. Heavy 
riffs, blistering solos, and even some keyboard instrumentation which fit 
perfectly on each track. Tracks like Cross a fear, Vampire Killer, and 
Bloody Tears, showcase a perfect blend of guitars, drums, and keyboards. 
Halfway through the album, it changes pace and again at track eight. 
Both of those tracks are incredible, being more rock ballads than 
anything else, they fit perfectly on this CD and are incredibly well 
done arrangements.

All in all, this is a fantastic arranged album; they just donít do them 
like this anymore. Iíd love to hear another Dracula Battle CD based on 
the most recent Castlevania games. Itís just a known fact that 
Castlevania music and guitars are a good mix!

Reviewed by: OW Angel
Favorite Tracks: Cross a Fear, Requiem for the Nameless Victims, Vampire Killer