Game: Megaman 1
Composer: Capcom Music Team
System: NES
Discs: 1
Tracks: 15

Now I've never heard any of the music of this game until I downloaded it a 
couple of weeks ago.  It still doesn't hold a place in my heart, but not 
because it's lackluster work.  Oh, no.  I just haven't played the original 
Megaman, and until I do I won't have anything to compare the tunes with, or 
I won't have anything to reminisce about.  That's how I am with game music 
and games -- until I play the game and hear the music, I'm somewhat 
indifferent about it.  That said, I'll try to assess the soundtrack to the 
best of my abilities.  Overall, the game soundtrack is OK, at best.  I find 
only two songs that jump out at me and yell, "I'm GOOD!"; the Capcom Music 
Team was probably still experimenting on how to grasp the feel of the levels 
with the music.  Length-wise, the average track runs about 45 seconds.  
Sound-wise, it's everything you would expect from the limitations of the NES 
console.  There are some decent tracks (Cutman, Elecman), but overall it's 
not a very memorable game soundtrack.

Reviewed by: kathreftis
Favorite Tracks: Cutman, Bombman, Elecman.