Game: Time Splitters 2
Composer: Graeme Norgate
System: Multi-console
Discs: 3
Tracks: 44

Shooters are generally not known for their soundtracks.  Of all the shooters 
I’ve played, Time Splitters 2 immediately comes to mind when I think of the 
music.  And the music fits surprisingly well with the levels.  Wow.  Since 
Time Splitters 2 spans across multiple time periods, the composer wanted to 
make the music fit the locations.  For example, the Siberia music is very 
reminiscent of the old Goldeneye days, from the snow level with the radar.  
From Goldeneye, that’s the only song I could remember.  The Circus music is 
just so… circus-like.  It’s my favorite track, and I listen to it 
religiously.  The Chicago music is done with muted trumpets, strings, and 
pianos – which is exactly what you’d hear as music in any movie portraying 
1920-1930 city life.  Futuristic locations have “futuristic styles,” like 
techno or electronica.  Length-wise, the average track is 4 minutes 35 
seconds.  And sound-wise, the varied styles of music make it worth the 
download.  There’s something for everyone.

Reviewed by: kathreftis
Favorite Tracks: Title, Circus, Chicago, Wild West, Mexican Mission