Video Game Music Sites

A collection of sites that share many links to other sites that contain quality game mp3s

Interactive World of Dream Music for Video Games and Pleasure.

This site has one of the largest data bases about any and all game soundtracks, Also has tons of midis.

X-Treme Games Music brings you the best of exotic and modern game music,
from Commodore 64 to Playstation 2 tunes. Also features music ripping and converting tutorials.

random list:

Anime Sites

If you have any anime sites you would like to see than feel free to exchange links with us.

Gaming Sites

Every thing Mega Man, I mean everything!!

This site has an interactive world of Hyrule, very well worth checking out this site.

Great online community and chat room. Showing you everything related to RPG's.

A mega ssite with tons of content about mega man.

Other Helpful Sites
Great for listening to music
The best FTP browser out there.
Another FTP browser but this is just ok.
Best Irc Script there is-ever was
Your basic mirc script for irc.
Great FTP Server